L.A. Colors Nail Polish in Mint #506 Review


The hashtag #GreenWednesday on Instagram has given me the inspiration to paint my nails in green. I went through my organizer that was holding my nail polishes. I just noticed that I do not have a lot of green colors. How disappointing huh?! So I chose L.A. Colors Nail Polish in Mint #506! I had bought that color plus a few others from the Dollar Tree store here in Barstow – Yeah, a dollar each.. it’s a pretty good deal, to be honest, for poor folks like us. We get to be pretty at that price, regardless.. I love painting my nails.. it just makes me feel alive. Seeing the color like this Mint green pop and your eyes gets alert and it makes you smile.. just basically reminding you, “You’re still here”, “You’re beautiful” and you receive compliments from the people who had seen your nails. They’d ask where I had gotten the nail polish from and they’d be surprised when I mention where and the cost. Honestly, every time I go to the Dollar Tree.. the nail polish section is nearly emptied out. They hold L.A. Colors and Kiss NYC. Kiss NYC is the new addition so I picked up “Fantasia” which is like a creamsicle. I intend on getting every single color from L.A. Colors and Kiss NYC brands that Dollar Tree offers. It’s all I can afford.

This nail polish is worth it. Minty-green with some shine. Truthfully, you will have to put more than 1 coat. It’s very see-through and it really depends on your mood if you want it like that or add a couple more coats to make it darker. The first coat makes it look like you were wearing a french manicure. That’s neat! I had put on 4 coats and added Wet n Wild: Wild Shine’s Clear Nail Protector for some shine and so it wouldn’t chip off.  💅

After I was done – I was a happy camper! 😍

Happy Wednesday. Hope you guys stay cool indoors til the excessive heat wave passes. It’s ridic, huh? Mother nature went overboard. {shakes head}

Love & Light 💕💕


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