For Christmas, I was given a Weleda’s Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Body Lotion and I’m in absolute heaven with it! I wish I had know about this company  before today. Better late than never. I took a shower then shook this bottle up and spritzed this on me, and end up finding out it wasn’t a spritz, but a lotion, haha. I read the instructions: Turn upside-down and shake before first use. Hold at slight angle while dispensing. Oh.. my bad. I put it on my arms, neck, chest, behind my knees and in some other areas. The smell of evening primrose flowers were instantly blooming all over me (not literally but that’d be nice, huh?) It was AHHH-mazing! I literally smelled fresh, of roses all day. What this does is moisturizes, nourishes your skin and hydrates as well. It also delivers essential fatty acids to help restore your skin’s protective barriers and shea butter smoothes and replenishes, leaving your skin hydrated and soft. A plus – you get the firmness in your collagen production by the Gotu-kola extract that helps your skin appear youthful and supple. This is best for mature skin. Worth trying!